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Nutra Supplement Manufacturers

Article provided by: Solis Labs

Nutra Supplement Manufacturers

Nutra supplement manufacturers promise a variety of perks. Choosing the wrong producer has devastating impacts on your company.  SolisLabs is a recognized fabricator working with private labels to create entire product lineups from formulation to packaging.

What is a nutraceutical?

Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, are popular. Most Americans take one or more supplements either every day or occasionally.

Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and other fortifying elements. While nutraceuticals cannot replace everyday meals, they can provide much needed missing nutrition. Scientific evidence does show that such products are beneficial to overall health.

Different supplements have different effects. Some improve drug effectiveness, others improve heart health, and some prevent blood clotting. They are meant to enhance the body, not sustain it.

How should I choose a nutra supplement manufacturer?

If you have or are considering creating your dietary supplements, you need to find a respectable partner. Customers who have severe reactions to your product can trigger an investigation and potentially a ban from the Food and Drug Administration, FDA.

The FDA enforces the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations or cGMP. Facilities, ingredients, and safety are all analyzed by the FDA in determining if a company meets these standards. These standards ensure that contamination, errors, mix-ups, and deviations don’t take place.

The FDA labels any drug produced by a company not meeting the cGMP as adultered. While the product is not necessarily unsafe, the FDA advises against their purchase. This recommendation is advisable considering that supplements promote everything from weight loss and heart health benefits. Caveat emptor in a field such as a supplement manufacturing is not the same as when producing plastic bags or simple trinkets.

If a company does not meet the cGMP, the FDA has legal tools to halt the sale of a product. The organization may bring a seizure case to take possession of your adulterated product and place an injunction on further manufacturing.

Who are the major nutra supplement manufacturers?

Reputable manufacturers provide numerous services. These include formulation and packaging in addition to manufacturing.

Solis Labs and Nutra Manufacturing are two such organizations. We offer the production of gels, liquids, and tablets.

Solis labs also offers formulation. Our formulation process produces lineups of vitamins supplements and nutritional health products for numerous companies in the Nutraceutical Industry. Our team of chemists, scientists, and pharmacists are ready to assist you in creating a legal and helpful item. Partnering with our experts grants you access to our private label formulas.

With your customers bombarded by up to five thousand daily advertisements, standing out from the crowd is difficult. It is essential to have a product that is in demand. We help our customers create quality in-demand items whether you are looking for liquids, tablets, gels, or even powders.

If you are looking to find a quality nutra supplement manufacturer, contact Solis Labs today. We follow the Current Good Manufacturing practice regulations to ensure that our products are well produced and help you get to market with supplements that are in demand.


Nutra Supplement Manufacturers