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Fitness North Vancouver

Fitness North Vancouver

Be Sweaty and Have Fun with Our Fitness in North Vancouver

Are you looking to keep your body healthy? Do you want to be fit every day? Here at Griffins Boxing and Fitness in North Vancouver, we have hundreds of options for you to keep fit. Ours is not the classic boxing gym; it’s a society of people. With our fitness in North Vancouver, a variety of people come together such as youth, women battling with breast cancer, new moms, boxing athletes who are amateurs, and more just to have sweat and be fit while having fun doing fitness.

Gym Membership

If you want to try our classes, we can provide you with numerous courses to choose from depending on your age and gender. We offer boxing services like BoxTech for ages seventeen and above, BoxFit for ages fifteen and above, BoxFit Babes for all new moms, BoxTech Youth for ages eleven to sixteen, Little Boxers for ages seven to ten, and even Little Champs for those who are five to six years old.

Our BoxTech service is an award-winning program which uses a teaching scheme we call the Glove System. You start out your training course with White Gloves and persevere your way up to five other levels such as Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black. Every level of color prepares and teaches you new boxing fundamentals, punches, combos, and better footwork. Once you’ve reached the Blue Gloves, you can now decide whether to continue your BoxTech course or participate in separate Sparring classes.

We offer BoxFit seven days a week from morning to evening and it is available even on weekends. This is a very intensive cardio-boxing workout for fifteen years old and above and also for the new moms. It provides multiple classes and is unique for focusing on different parts of your body and teaches you to do a different workout. Such classes are:

  • BoxFit which is excellent to work you out and get you into shape
  • BoxFit Circuit which focuses on your cardio
  • BoxFit Blitz which is a more intensive alternate
  • BoxFit Booty which focuses more on your glutes, and
  • BoxFit Core which focuses on your abdomen, core muscles at your internal, and many more

We give our students the best we have with our amateur and professional team of boxers. Whenever they reach the Red Gloves, they can continue their journey towards an amateur boxing match with consistent training in and outside of the gym. These students can now follow the next step to participate at tournaments like the Provincial Championships, Golden Gloves, and even National Championships.

Sign up and Contact Info

If you want to try our classes, you can sign up at our website, www.griffinsboxing.com to get you started. You can also visit Griffins Boxing and Fitness at 326 East Esplanade, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L 1A4.

Our gym is always open from 6am to 7am and 8:30am to 8:30pm on Monday to Thursday, 6am to 7am and 8:30am to 7:30pm on Fridays. On Saturdays, we are open from 8am to 1pm and on Sundays from 8:45 am until 1:00 pm.  For more of your concerns regarding fitness in North Vancouver, send us your email at info@griffinsboxing.com, or you can call us via telephone at 604-980-1900.  

Fitness North Vancouver
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Fitness North Vancouver
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