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Drug Rehab Centers In California Cost

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Drug Rehab Centers In California Cost

Heavenly Center is an outpatient treatment facility where we let the addicts experience freedom and independence through multiple drug rehab programs in CA.

Our drug rehab treatment in California is based on music and art therapy. Our Heavenly Studios help you in exploring your passion while our professionals allow you to develop your creative skills and wake up the artist within you.

Q1: Should we choose between free drug rehab centers or go for a luxury one?

Going to free drug rehab centers does not guarantee you a successful recovery and you may not get all the professional help needed to start a healthy life. But being a part of a luxury rehab, like us, offers you round-the-clock medical and moral support while also helping you in developing life-changing skills.

Q2: Do you provide low-cost addiction treatment in CA?

With our high standard amenities and several contemporary courses, you will find our treatment plans affordable and budget-friendly. We believe in assisting people to overcome addiction without putting financial strains on them. This way you can benefit from modern addiction treatment programs and therapies without worrying about the cost.

Q3: What are the pricing plans of your drug rehab in California?

Our pricing plan is based on the level of treatment you need and the type of courses and programs you choose. To evaluate the exact cost of your treatment, it’s best to contact our admission department. Our friendly staff will give you more details about the prices of our treatment plan along with help g you devise a suitable strategy for your treatment.

Q4: Do your drug rehab centers in California cost more as compared to other rehab?

Drug rehabs around California may charge you thousands of dollars for all those facilities and professional services they render, but we aim to provide you with a drug-free life on a budget that befits you.

Q5: Is the cost of your drug rehab treatment in California covered by insurance?

Yes, we do consider your insurance policy while calculating the cost of your treatment plan. The cost is affected by your insurance provider, policy, benefits, and deductibles. To have a better idea about the insurance coverage, contact our administrative department. Our staff will finalize the cost after carefully reviewing your insurance policy.

Q6: How will you compensate people having no insurance coverage?

Even if you do not have insurance coverage, we will help you in developing a treatment plan that is both beneficial and reasonable. We offer self-pay rates and compensate you by offering you multiple payment plans. This way you don’t need to pay the entire amount at the time of registering.

Q7: Do you offer courses and programs for families?

We understand that ongoing support and encouragement of the family is important to ensure a long-lasting recovery. We have courses for your family too, to help them heal from the side effects of addiction. Visit our family involvement page for more details on our family programs.

Contact Heavenly Center to clear any doubts and get answers to all your queries from our staff at 855-9THCNOW.